How long should an order be 'processing'?

In general, order processing time is three to five days. However, for customized or specialized jerseys, we may take 7 days to process your order.

How many days would it take for a package to get delivered

We don’t charge for shipping. We’ll take three weeks to deliver your jersey.

Who is your shipping carrier

  1. United States : USPS
  2. United Kingdom : Royal Mail
  3. Australia : Australia Post
  4. Canada : Canada post

For other countries, we’re using the fast courier service available on that country.

USPS showing, "USPS Awaiting Item"

Once we sent the parcel to our shipping company, they shared the live tracking code. We update the order the same day we receive the tracking code/information. However, it takes ten days to see the real-time tracking updates. So when you see USPS Awaiting Item, don’t panic. Please wait for a week you’ll see the live update.

I order to the "wrong shipping address"

If possible, try to contact the recipient at the wrong address and kindly request them to return the package to you.

If you put the wrong address while ordering, please verify your order address and correct it within 48 hours. Once the item is processed, we can’t change the address. The shipping company will charge a $30 penalty for delivery to correct the address.